Lionel Messi inadvertently photobombing Cristiano Ronaldo goes viral (Picture)

ronaldo and messi at uefa ceremony, august 2015

Thursday the 28th of August 2015 won’t rank high on Cristiano Ronaldo’s best days of my life list. A list we strongly suspect exists.

It’s probably packed with highlights like winning the Champions League or scoring in the final or perhaps a few acts of benevolence are there too.

But the UEFA ceremony to draw the groups for this season’s Champions League and to reward last season’s best players won’t be.

That’s because we all know that Ronaldo loves his individual triumphs almost as much (probably more) than his team triumphs.

Whether it’s him screaming siii from a podium or posing with a golden boot of some sort, Ronaldo doesn’t mind bowing to an adoring crowd.

Unfortunately for him, he had to watch a rival take all of the adoration yesterday as Lionel Messi steamrolled his way to a shiny accolade, embarrassing Brawny Ronny in the process.

As if Messi picking up 49 of the 54 votes available wasn’t crushing enough, he then went and taunted Ronaldo by photobombing him with a silly face.

Whether he meant it or not is rather irrelevant if the mirth on the internet is anything to go by. See the viral photo in the tweet below.

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