An Epic 94th Min Miss & Epic-er Finish: A Finnish 3rd division match may have been the best football match ever

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The greatest match in the history of football may have been played in the Finnish third division in November.

FC Gnistan (yellow) played out an incredible 3-3 draws against GrIFK (green) in a match that had the lot.

Taking the game in chronological order, the first point of enjoyment was a stunning goal celebration from Tuomas Mustonen, who belly-flopped into a sand pit after bagging his brace to put Gnistan 2-1 up.

Fast forwarding to the 75th minute, Gnistan regain control going 3-2 up, but then the men in yellow completed one of the great sporting collapses.

After missing one golden opportunity to score a fourth, Gnistan looked destined to kill off GrIFK when two forwards broke free to beat the keeper with an empty goal at their mercy. But then, in possibly the greatest miss of all time because it involved two players at the same time, Gnistan’s forwards bungled the open goal.

Then the sickness happened.

In the 97th minute, with their final throw of the dice, Faton Seferi pulled out a Matthew Le Tissier-esque wondergoal to equalise for GrIFK. It was unbelievable.

See how a Finnish 3rd division match may have been the best football match ever below.

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